Research Internships

We offer internships via the Humboldt Internship Program 2024 - Computational Modeling of Drug Detoxification - A Systems Medicine Approach. Application is open from 03 November to 10 December 2023.

We offer individual research internships (4-12 weeks) for students with a background in computer science, bioinformatics, quantitative/theoretical biology or related fields. We support ERASMUS student internships.

Please note that we are generally unable to cover living and travel expenses. Therefore, if necessary, third-party funding through scholarships/travel grants must be arranged first.

Internships are available as online or in-person internships.

Contact Matthias König

Bachelor & Master Thesis

Undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master) students are always welcome. For students interested in doing a thesis in computational modeling or bioinformatics applied to biological problems, we can offer projects on

  • Physiologically based pharmacokinetics modeling
  • Modeling of hepatic liver metabolism and liver function
  • Image analysis and Machine Learning
  • Data bases, web interface, standardization of computational models, simulation workflows
  • Data integration
  • Systems Biology and Systems Medicine of the liver
The projects will be adapted based on your computational background.

Contact Matthias König


Currently, we do not have any open PhD positions.

We also supervise doctoral projects if you have a fellowship or similar funding source.

Contact Matthias König.

        def participate(you: Student) -> bool:
        if you.are_motivated and you.can_code:
        print(f"We are looking for {you}.")
        return True