We currently have no open funded PhD positions. If you have a scholarship or other funding please apply. Just write to Matthias König.

Bachelor & Master Thesis

Bachelor and Master students are always welcome. We supervise projects with computational background. For students interested in a thesis in theoretical biology, computational modeling, or bioinformatics applied to biological problems, we can provide different thesis projects on

  • Modeling of hepatic liver metabolism and liver function
  • Physiological modeling
  • Data bases, web interface, standardization of computational models, simulation workflows
  • Systems Biology and Systems Medicine of the liver
Just write to Matthias König

Research Internships

We also offer individual research internships (4-12 weeks) for students with a background in computer science, bioinformatics, quantitative/theoretical biology or related fields.
Please note, in general, we cannot cover the living and travel costs. Thus, if required, third party funding via scholarships/travel grants needs to be organized first.
Internships are possible as online only internship.
Just write to Matthias König

def hire(you: Student):
    if you.are_motivated and you.can_code:
        print(f"We are looking for {you}.")
        return True