Dr. Matthias König
Group leader
Data scientist, data analyst, computational modeller, bioinformatician, group leader. Application of computational modelling and machine learning to biological, medical, and clinical questions and datasets. Predictive modeling of physiological processes and systems with focus on metabolic research. Research projects on glucose homeostasis in normal subjects and diabetes, personalization of liver function tests for the improvement of diagnosis, and stratification and individualization of computer models for precision medicine.

Jan Grzegorzewski
Ph.D. student (mentoring)
Jan works on the stratification and personalization of computational models. He develops methods and software for semi-automatic data curation of pharmacokinetics information and a pharmacokinetics database for the storage and FAIR access of such data.
Jan contributes to an online database for running reproducible simulation experiments in computational biology, i.e. tellurium-web.
Jan developed an influenza sub-classification platform based on peptides using data science and machine learning approaches. Part of the work was the development of the data management system required for bioinformatics analysis of peptide-virus binding data FluTypeDB.

Patrick Pett
Ph.D. student (mentoring)
Patrick works on the analysis of mammalian circadian clock in the human liver based on the analysis of OMICS datasets.

Dimitra Eleftheriadou
Student assistant
Dimitra (Master Toxicology) worked on the analysis and digitalization of literature data for liver function tests.